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CBD Oil Munchies

We know that based on its high THC concentration, marijuana causes an increase in appetite. But do products high in CBD cannabinoid have the effects of giving users CBD oil munchies?

The munchies refer to an increased hunger following consumption of cannabis. It is possible that smoking or using marijuana products significantly boosts people’s appetite.

THC binds specifically to our endocannabinoid system CB1 endocannabinoid receptor which we all have. This is turn give users the feeling of hunger.

What does CBD do?

CBD has an important ingredient in supporting and maintaining good health and well-being. CBD can provide a therapeutic and healthy effect on your appetite. Some CBD products contain a very small legal amount of THC. But not enough to induce a CBD oil munchies occurrence.

Research studies show that CBD can reduce uncertainty, anxiety and pressure. CBD can also suppress pain signals in the body that can inhibit appetite. People with anxiety, depression, discomfort, or otherwise tremendous pressure and stress.

What are Munchies

THC is the compound in cannabis that makes you high. It affects your body in several different ways and psychologically. THC taps into your brain portion that controls appetite when the munchies happen.

The effect of the munchies is caused in particular by THC on receptors in the olfactory bulb of your brain. This area of the brain affects how you smell, and taste and sense of food. THC also works in users throughout their body.

This makes food smell better and taste more delicious Because of the effects of munches, as THC binds to the receptors. Ultimately, the body feels hunger within the brain even though your body is not.

Will edibles give me the Munchies?

You can get the munchies either by eating or smoking cannabis. If you are taking oils that contain THC as well. Whether you are smoking or eating THC will get absorbed into your body. Once the munchies take effect the user will often eat more than they would. Usually junk food, and also have the feeling they cannot control their actions.

THC is a compound that interacts with brain receptors, which affects neurons and changes the level of satiety after consumption. The “munchies” fade as the THC levels lessen.


CBD oil won’t increase your appetite like THC will. When someone uses a CBD product such as CBD tinctures or even CBD edibles. The neurons in the brain, that switch off the appetite switch, are not affected. For those that suffer with anxiety, nausea and pain related issues. CBD oil is great in suppressing these problems without making you feel ill.


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