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Pamela Hadfield suffered from migraines for years and took Vicodin for pain.

Then she tried CBD oil and things changed.

“Within three months I was able to get rid of the Vicodin. Within six months I was preventing my migraines altogether and I have not had a migraine in six years,” said Hadfield.

She didn’t want the effects that come from marijuana, so a doctor suggested CBD (cannabidiol) oil as it works on the nervous system differently and is known to help those in pain.

“Anxiety, joint pain, chronic pain. You can take it and it will have no psychotropic affects,” Hadfield said.

Those who work with CBD oil tout various benefits, besides pain relief.

“Hemp CBD has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties when it’s put on topically. Things like arthritis, inflammatory disorders, skin conditions, things like psoriasis and eczema can be greatly alleviated and helps with…

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