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Both recreational and competitive athletes increasingly look to cannabidiol for supporting wellness routines given its enhanced safety profile and research beginning to validate and confirm the benefits aiding performance, recovery, and overall exercise and recovery.

Maximizing these upsides requires optimizing delivery methods and timing strategically aligned to individual sports demands and preferences. CBD vape offers rapid relief from occasional discomfort or inflammation following strenuous workouts and sporting events due to its immediate onset time. Let’s jump into what the research says.

What Does The Research Say?

While primarily in the preclinical stages, here is what athletes are finding when including CBD in their exercise regimen:

Reduced Inflammation and Pain

Intensely training athletes experience higher oxidative stress increasing inflammation, muscle fatigue, and minor aches. Human trials indicate oral CBD lowered inflammatory and oxidative biomarkers in judo athletes following competition. Mice research discovered reductions in joint inflammation…

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