CBDDY Announces Five New Discounts Beginning May 1, 2018Posted by On

We are proud to announce that beginning May 1, 2018 CBDDY.com will begin offering multiple discounts to try and assist their customers who need their products, yet live on fixed incomes. They also will begin offering a discount to current and former military members.

To top these discounts off and make it even sweeter, They now are offering a VIP club which entails auto shipping of your favorite CBDDY CBD products each month. They ship it the same time each month so you receive it at the same time every month. This ensures they’re not out of your product when time comes for your monthly refill. They account for your auto ship a month in advance to ensure you always have your CBDDY on time every time.


Read more about theĀ CBDDY Discount ProgramsĀ 

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