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Given the recent rise in CBD use amongst American civilians, it’s only natural for those in the US Armed Forces would be curious to try hemp-infused drinks, oils, or creams. After all, CBD is so ubiquitous nowadays. Plus, since CBD is non-psychoactive, it can’t interfere with work — right?

Although the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized CBD products in the USA, these laws don’t apply to every profession. It’s essential for those serving in the Armed Forces to review the latest policies from the Department of Defense (DoD). Official military laws will always supersede the civilian policies on hemp and CBD consumption.

So, Can People In The Military Take CBD Oil

According to the DoD, people serving in the US Armed Forces cannot take hemp-derived products. It doesn’t matter if CBD oils, beverages, or gummies have zero THC concentration — the military code clearly states CBD is a violated product.

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The DoD is most concerned with CBD oils containing minute traces of the federally illegal compound delta-9 THC. Even though high-quality CBD extracts should have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, that’s enough for some people to fail a drug test. Since the military doesn’t distinguish delta-9 from hemp or marijuana, soldiers could lose their job from a false positive reading.

Of course, if a soldier leaves active duty and returns to the civilian workforce, it’s OK to use hemp-derived CBD products. Remember that CBD products may interfere with a drug screening, especially if…

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