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Two men were captured stealing gaming consoles from a shop stationed in Imenti House located within the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

According to the CCTV footage timestamp, the incident occurred on Sunday at 7.15 am, an incident that has left the shop owner frustrated, questioning how the burglars managed to break into the shop without being detected by security manning the building.

From the footage, the suspects were seen ransacking the shop, clutching a flashlight after which they stole PlayStations, and packed them in a piece of clothing before dragging the property out of the premises.

Since the shop is situated in the building’s basement, the suspects were depicted carrying the loot up the stairs before hurriedly leaving the premises.

The men stole about seven PlayStations among other valuables from the shop.

Based on the footage, the men carried out the heist calmly and seemed unbothered by the fact that CCTV cameras were monitoring their every activity, in some moments, they could be seen staring directly at the cameras. 

The shop’s owner is now calling on members of the public to help him identify the suspects since they were not masked in the video in a bid to recover the stolen items.

Commenting on the incident online, a section of Kenyans opined that the suspects may have been in cahoots with the security personnel manning the building who they speculated, might have played a part in facilitating their entry and exit from the building. 


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