Buoyed by an energetic consumer base and legislative developments, the CBD market is currently expanding at an unprecedented pace. At current growth rates, experts estimate that sales could top $ 29 billion by 2025. The 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp products containing below 0.3 % THC content (by dry weight) has allowed for an explosion of demand for CBD products of various formats and extracts. Today, informed customers can freely purchase gummies, oils, tinctures, flower and other forms of CBD. Although issues still exist with regards to regulation and product quality, consumer demand is gradually facilitating the emergence of this nascent sector. As part of the means of delivering CBD benefits to the buying public, firms have adopted the medium of CBD vending machines. Hitherto known to carry snack and drink refreshments, vending machines are being primed as important stations for the sale of CBD. Firms have identified that there is a potential for the use of cannabis product vending machines as a tool of market expansion in delivering hemp CBD to a wider audience. Of particular importance is the low overheads associated with operating these CBD vending machines. As a factor, such a lean cost profile coupled with the ability to place the machines across various locations, without accumulating equivalent manpower obligations, portends positively for the future utility…

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