Chuck Edwards is hypocritical in fight against recreational marijuanaPosted by On

My initial reaction to Rep. Chuck Edwards’ open letter to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians threatening to withhold federal funding via his proposed Stop Pot Act was similar to the one expressed by Mr. Brothwell in his recent opinion piece.  After further thought, I think attempting to place Edwards missive in the larger historical context of the U.S. government’s dealings with Native Americans is an academic exercise, and a distraction from the issue that should bother those of us not living on the Qualla Boundary.

This is not to say I no longer see the tone of Edwards letter as condescending and paternalistic. I am, however, buoyed by the fact that virtually every tribal member I’ve spoken to couldn’t have cared less about the Congressman’s opinion. One member voted for recreational cannabis, but against allowing alcohol on the Boundary. 

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