City Council Votes To Ask Governor Lee To De-Criminalize Small Amounts Of MarijuanaPosted by On

The City Council voted on Tuesday to send a letter to Governor Bill Lee urging that small amounts of marijuana be de-criminalized.

The resolution was sponsored by Council members Demetrus Coonrod and Jenny Hill.

Two members passed instead of voting Yes or No.

The letter says:

Dear Governor Lee:

Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-17-418, which is attached currently, makes it an offense for any person to possess or distribute a small amount of marijuana not in excess of one-half (1/2) ounce in Tennessee as a general matter of state law. President Biden’s decision to pardon Americans convicted of simple marijuana possession under federal law has also urged changes in this law and similar laws in other states in a recent press release from the White House on October 6, 2022, urging all Governors to do the same with regard to state offenses, which is also attached.

This new press release announces a Presidential pardon for all prior federal offenses of simple possession of marijuana, and the United States Attorney General has been directed to develop an administrative process for the issuance of certificates of pardon to eligible people who were previously convicted under Federal law.

The Chattanooga City Council is aware that the governing bodies of Memphis and Nashville have previously…

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