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Published by admin on Thu, 12/08/2022 – 3:06pm

You could color us somewhat surprised that the legalization of recreational marijuana in South Dakota not only failed during the last General Election, but failed quite soundly. It seemed logical that IM 27, which would have legalized recreational marijuana in the state, would pass, given that medical marijuana had already been approved and a previous movement to approve recreational marijuana passed but was struck down due to a legal challenge of the ballot question.
However, South Dakota voters spoke once again that recreational marijuana is not wanted in the state, although we are sure we haven’t heard the last from the pro-recreational marijuana crowd. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before recreational marijuana is legalized by all 50 states, and perhaps even federally. Until that time, however, it seems that the people of South Dakota are going to continue to fight it. A majority of South Dakotans anyway.
Perhaps emboldened by what occurred during the election, the Custer City Council recently unanimously approved amending its medical cannabis ordinance to remove licenses for the manufacturing, distribution or testing of medical marijuana within the city limits. It also lowered the amount of dispensary licenses it would issue from unlimited to two. By law the city is required to offer at least once license.
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