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Buying weed is more difficult depending on where you are in Ohio. On Monday, a fifth local community tackled a ban on the sale of recreational marijuana. The City of Madeira is taking up the issue just a month after recreational marijuana became legal in the state. “This issue is the subject of a lot of conversation in the general assembly right now, so it’s a moving target,” Madeira Mayor Doug Moormann said. Council members discussed Monday evening why the sale of recreational pot should be banned in the city. “I don’t think we need to rush through this. We can take a thorough approach and make sure we get feedback from the community as well,” council member Logan Junger said.The ordinance aims to prohibit the establishment or location of marijuana facilities in the city of Madeira. It was voted unanimously to be referred to the city’s law and safety committee.That group will hold a public meeting on the ordinance, talk to the community, and then make a recommendation to council for final action.”We are a legislative body and I think it makes sense to work this through a committee process and make sure there’s ample opportunity for public input and consideration on the issue,” Moormann said. According to the Hamilton County Board of Elections, nearly 88% of Madeira voters sided with Issue 2, legalizing recreational weed. Even if this passes, recreational marijuana will still be legal in Madeira.The next Madeira council meeting is scheduled for Jan. 8….

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