City of Springdale in Arkansas includes medical marijuana in drug-free workplace policyPosted by On

The Springdale City Council voted Tuesday night to include medical marijuana in the city’s drug-free work place policy that’s listed in the city employee handbook. Employees that hold “Safety-Sensitive” positions are required to notify HR if they own a medical marijuana card, and could be moved into a safer position.“If an employee has a medical marijuana card, we would try to work with them anyway that we can,” said Gina Lewis, the city of Springdale’s Human Resources Director.“With medical marijuana, our safety sensitive positions, that would be our police department, fire department, anybody that holds public safety or lives in their hands so to speak. It limits them, it makes them unable to use medical marijuana while in this position.”Read below for the full ordinance passed by the Springdale city council. 3.11 Drug-Free Workplace:It is the policy of the City…

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