Cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana seized in raid, Howard County police say.Posted by On

A Federal agency places drugs in one of five categories depending on factors including their potential for abuse. A search of a Howard County apartment last week turned up drugs in four of the five federal categories, according to the county police.

The raid was carried out Friday in an apartment in Ellicott City, the police said in a statement released Tuesday.

Among drugs found, the police said, were cocaine, heroin, LSD and marijuana. They also said they found five-and-a-half pounds of crystal methamphetamine.

In their statement, police said Joshua Weinberg, 25, of Autumn Branch Lane, was charged with 32 counts related to drug possession with intent to distribute. The statement said he was being held without bond.

Police said a four-month investigation began with that they said was a complaint on a police tip line.

Items the police said were found fall into four of the five…

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