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Starting tomorrow, all retail packaging of Colorado marijuana products must have use-by dates with durations of nine months — unless a grower or manufacturer can prove that a later date is justified.

Although the rule takes effect on January 1, 2024, marijuana business owners have had over a year to prepare. The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division originally planned to institute a six-month expiration date in 2022, but ultimately allowed for more time and a more expansive duration after pushback from the pot industry.

Unlike “expiration,” a word used to indicate the last day that it’s considered safe to consume a product, a “use-by” date indicates optimal product freshness or desirability. Dispensaries will still be able to sell products after the date has passed.

In comments on the Westword Instagram post of the news, readers debated the move. Says Addie:

 About time!!!!

Adds Joseph:

 So ultra cured at a lower price? I’ll take it!

Counters Timothy: 

So stupid. This just keeps MED regulators funded and in their jobs. This ISN’T for the consumer.

Replies Millies: 

No problem! It shouldn’t be on the shelf that long, anyway.

Adds John:

 Cause that shit will dry out faster than granny’s….. meow.

Responds Matt: 

Proper live resin will be good forever, just look in my fridge

Concludes Medically Correct: 

Remember this applies to edibles and topicals and other things, also. Previously had one year on most products like chocolates. I’ve personally…

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