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One of the fun and popular topics we covered last summer was backyard marijuana farming. As you probably know, that’s been legal (up to four plants per household) in Virginia since July 1, 2021.

Last summer was my first time growing anything. I planted a mixture of male and female seeds, which are indistinguishable from each other. That meant I had to wait roughly 10 weeks until the plants matured and revealed their sex. In the meantime, I watered and fertilized the seedlings.

To add some hilarity to the endeavor, I named the cannabis plants after local, state and federal lawmakers such as Del. Chris Head, who’s never consumed cannabis. And the politician-pot results were stunning in more ways than one.

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After culling and killing three male plants (which are not psychoactive, and which will reduce the yield of any girl plants they fertilize), I ended with five females. To stay under the legal limit, I gave away two plants. Those two were named for former Mayor David Bowers and U.S. Rep. Bob Good, R-Campbell.

In September, the David Bowers plant became infested with bugs and mold. Sadly, it perished on a rear deck in the Deyerle neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Bob Good plant…

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