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Combining Alcohol Cannabis

Combining cannabis and alcohol is really common, but one that can lead you to unpredictable results. There are many people that will consume alcohol before or after using cannabis. Both alcohol and cannabis have similar effects and enhance the feeling of being drunk and high. When combined the two drugs will usually lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, changes in judgment as well as impaired motor skills. When combined in high doses the effects of both drugs are increased and lead to greater risk issues.

Why do people combine Alcohol and Cannabis?

Some in order to get a higher effect from both. While others do it believing one will counteract the other. Some studies show that alcohol can enhance the psychoactive properties of cannabis, and the THC concentration in your blood. If you use cannabis and alcohol together, the results – both physical and psychological – can be unpredictable. When alcohol enters your bloodstream it causes your body to absorb the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) faster. Leading to the cannabis having a much stronger effect than it would normally have without the alcohol.

The Danger of Combining

Aside from the physical effects there are the psychological effects which can include increased attacks panic, anxiety or paranoia. If alcohol is combined with high-potency cannabis strains such as skunk the side effects are further increased, particularly for paranoia and hallucinations.

With alcohol, your body will absorb THC more quickly in your blood giving you a faster and stronger high. This will increase the chances of experiencing psychotic symptoms such as paranoia, anxiety, and panic. Alcohol might also cause you to have black outs or lose of memory which can but you in life threatening situations. You should not drive, or operate any type of machinery when combining alcohol and cannabis. The combination produces impairment, poor judgment, and loss of coordination.

Alcohol and Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis can not only be smoked but ingested as an edible. Edibles gives users a delayed reaction from cannabis as it takes longer for you body to process. The high from smoking or vaping marijuana can be felt right away. The effects of consuming edible cannabis can be felt 30 minutes to 2 hours from the time you have eaten them and the effects will last longer. When combined with alcohol, it increases the danger of experiencing acute marijuana intoxication.

In Closing

Combining cannabis with alcohol can be risky if you do not pay attention to your body’s reaction and taking it in small doses. Combining the two can also cause over-consumption of alcohol, cannabis or both. My opinion is not to mix weed and alcohol. Use them separately to and responsibly to experience each of their unique effects.


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