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Comparing quality CBD products

Comparing quality CBD products can be a daunting task ? Which CBD products are of good quality and effectiveness? We put together this extensive assessment of what to look for before purchasing CBD products. Making it easier for you to find CBD oils, edibles and tinctures that offer the best value and the safest quality.

Brand Trustworthiness

CBD can be made in a variety of methods, and some companies cut corners to increase profits. When determining the overall credibility of each brand we examined, we considered dozens of different indicators.

  • What was the brand’s website like in terms of usability and design?
  • How well was the information on their website written?
  • How soon did they reply to enquiries from customers?

These are just a handful of the factors you need to consider when visiting a website in order to determine brand trustworthiness.

Product Source

The highest-quality hemp is grown in the United States, and using hemp farmed here supports the American agricultural sector. The greatest marks went to brands that employed organically farmed hemp grown in the United States.

You should  also consider whether a brand’s hemp was certified by the United States Hemp Authority or was non-GMO. Because non-GMO hemp is the industry standard at this stage, you should exclude brands that use genetically modified hemp.

Hemp Extraction & Purification

To extract CBD from hemp, companies can utilize a variety of solvents. However, some of these solvents are difficult to remove from finished products and might injure the lungs.

Carbon dioxide is typically regarded as the safest solvent for hemp extraction. As a result, products that extract with CO2 received good marks, whereas those that extract with butane, ethanol, or acetone received low marks.

Third Party Lab Reports

For evaluating the safety and quality of hemp products, third-party lab testing has become the gold standard. Comparing Quality CBD Products that have been analyzed by a third-party lab can be guaranteed to be free of impurities.

There are a variety of third-party lab test suppliers on the market, and some are not as independent as they appear. We looked at which business provided the lab tests for each of the hemp companies we looked at, in addition to ensuring that items were tested.

Customer Service

How a CBD company handles customer service can teach you a lot. Customers are clearly better served by brands that respond swiftly and provide courteous service.

Below are brands that are currently producing the quality CBD products on the market. Each of these products offers something unique, yet they all provide high-quality, dependable CBD.

Diamond CBD

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Direct CBD Online

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