Competitive Swim Clubs In Toronto Focus On All Four Strokes Where Flyboy Swim Club Specializes In Fly And FreestylePosted by On

The Flyboy Swim Club will only focus on the butterfly and freestyle strokes because they are the most competitive.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 18, 2020 / — Competitive swim clubs in Toronto generally focus on four strokes butterfly, freestyle, back crawl, and breaststroke. Mithun Sudarshan, who started the Flyboy Swim Club ( ), says that his Club will only focus on the butterfly and freestyle strokes because he believes they are the most competitive. The butterfly is one of the most robust strokes to master.

Unfortunately, one of the issues the Club has to deal with presently is waiting for the swimming pools in the Toronto area to reopen. Until then, Sudarshan says that the Club is developing its training program to reflect its ambitious agenda. Mithun Sudarshan has said that by specializing in the competitive fly, the Flyboy Swim Club will target only potential candidates that have the drive and commitment to achieve a Provincial competition level.

“Toronto is a competitive city when it comes to many things, including swimming,” Sudarshan says. He continues by saying that he is looking for young athletes that are prepared to go the distance and put in the commitment needed to get there. The Flyboy Swim Club has been in talks with corporate sponsors for the 2021 season that have an interest in cross-promotion partnerships with the Club. “They are as excited as we are,” says Sudarshan….

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