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Congress Fights For Marijuana Reform

Hey Stoners Welcome to The Johno Show I’m your weedtuber host Jonathan. It’s Monday February 6th 2017 so it’s time for some 420 news. Our main story tonight is that this new session of Congress is filled with bills to reform federal marijuana laws. But first our other weed news.

In “Would you like your fries Extra Crispy” News…

Garrett Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were arrested for dealing weed out of a Burger King drive thru. The two worked at the Epping, New Hampshire Burger King. A sting operation was put in place by Police Chief Mike Wallace and once enough evidence was substantiated they moved in with the arrest.

In order to purchase the pot all a buyer had to do was drive up and ask for “Nasty Boy.” Norris’s alias. “Once it was verified he was working, they had to ask for their fries extra crispy.” An exchange of cash through the drive-through window and boom you had pot with burger order.

In “You know we’re going legit” news…
When Apple filed a patent on July 20th in what looks like their entry into vaporizers for the cannabis industry.

The patent doesn’t mention cannabis specifically, but the device, which features a movable heating plate that sits just above the substance and slides downward as the substance is vaporized does seem consistent for vaporization of marijuana. In fact, the design of the device looks like it would work with both flower and extracts. It also seems more suited to oils or solid extracts.

In “Daddy that man smells like weed” News…

Perfume company Xyrena is launching what it calls the first “strain-specific cannabis perfumes.” Frequent shoppers of Spencer’s Gifts know that Marijuana perfumes aren’t new but Xyrena is trying to take a classier approach.

Xyrena is releasing three unisex perfumes based off the following strains strains: Blue Dream, OG Kush and Space Cake.

In “Set It Free! Set It Free!” News…

The wait is finally over for the citizens of Maine to toke up legally. Maine’s legalization law allows regular possession of up to 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana and the cultivation of 6 flowering plants, 6 immature plants and an unlimited number of seedlings.

Maine’s legalization law has come up against the hostility of Governor Paul LePage. Lepage argued that voters didn’t understand the legalization law. He even signed a moratorium on the implementation of regulated cannabis sales.

But now finally, Maine residents will enjoy the benefits of ending cannabis regulations. Law enforcement will be better utilized by reducing the number of citations, arrests, prosecutions and jailings for cannabis offenses. Thousands of new jobs will help stimulate the local economy and millions in new tax revenue will be generated for important social services.

Finally our top story…
Two new bills set to reform federal marijuana laws were introduced in Congress this week. Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith from Virginia introduced H.R. 714 and H.R. 715, which would reschedule cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act CSA.

H.R. 714 known as the Legitimate Use of Medicinal Marijuana Act (LUMMA), would move cannabis from its status under Schedule I to Schedule II. It would also ensure that the CSA would not “prohibit or otherwise restrict” state-authorized use, possession, transportation, production and distribution of medical marijuana.
The second bill H.R. 715 known as the Compassionate Access Act, is cosponsored by Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon. It also reschedules marijuana but doesn’t mandate a move to Schedule II specifically, leaving the door open for cannabis to be placed even lower in the CSA.

The bill also excludes CBDs from the federal definition of marijuana, specifying that it is not to be treated as a controlled substance.


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