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A couple who smoked synthetic cannabis in front of their young children to the point of passing out prompted one child to yell “wake up” as they slumped unconscious.

The couple consumed the drug in a car with their children twice within a week and drove under the influence with their two toddlers in the car.

The full details of the offending can now be revealed after documents were released to the “Rotorua Daily Post” this week.

The couple, who the “Rotorua Daily Post” has chosen not to name so as not to identify the children, were sentenced in the Rotorua District Court in December last year on two charges each of ill-treatment or neglect of a child.

The man was sentenced to six months’ home detention and the woman to five months’ home detention.

According to the sentencing notes, the couple bought synthetic cannabis while in Auckland in December 2017 then drove back to…

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