D.C. Council enacts emergency legislation allowing students to receive medical marijuanaPosted by On

The D.C. Council on Tuesday enacted emergency legislation to allow students to receive medical marijuana at their elementary or high school and approved a bill to ban e-cigarettes amid ever-increasing reports of vaping-related illnesses and deaths around the country.

Council member David Grosso introduced the emergency legislation to authorize primary and secondary school students participating in the District’s medical marijuana program to receive their medication at school.

“No student should have to choose between attending school or receiving effective treatment for a medical condition,” said Mr. Grosso, at-large independent.

Current law restricts the use of medical marijuana to residents or to a medical treatment facility. Many schools don’t have such facilities and therefore do not allow students to use the medication at school.

The legislation allows medical marijuana to be treated like any other medication in schools and be administered in the nurse’s office.

Nearly all of the council’s 13 members voted to enact the emergency bill, with only Trayon White, Ward 8 Democrat, voting “present.”

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