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dabble extracts blue god shatter

dabble extracts blue god shatter

Dabble Extracts “Blue God” Shatter. Well we decided to change our dispensary of record, due to Best Budz higher cost of the ounce.  We have opted to go across town to Emerald City Wellness, 621 West Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs as our “membership” dispensary.  They offer $90 ounces to members, and their bud is good stuff too.  Dense buds and a better variety of strains.  They are open from 10am to 8:45pm and are located one block from my good friend’s house.  As a benefit to signing up, we were given a free gram of Dabble Extracts “Blue God” Shatter.  So we wish to tell you about this shatter.

The shatter comes packaged in a glass container with plastic lid.  Not child-proof packaging so we needed an exit bag to leave the store.  These exit bags are just a plastic opaque carrying bag with child-proof lock.  Emerald City Wellness requires the use of the exit bag, as their plastic baggies for the weed are not child-proof.  I prefer the plastic baggies over the plastic containers which are wasteful.  The shatter by Dabble Extracts was stuck to the lid, so we placed it in the freezer overnight to facilitate removing the shatter from the lid.

pen battery with atomizer

pen battery with atomizer

I use my pen battery with dual coil heating element to vape the shatter.  We used a new coil when we vaped this shatter for the first time.  The flavor was pleasant and it does make me cough.  The shatter is the clear color pictured above.  We took two good hits off of the vaporizer and waited.  I noticed a good deal of pain reduction and sense of well-being wash over us.  I was able to get four hits off of the small dab I used.  We are definitely high after four hits, and there is a certain head high associated with this shatter along with the typical indica effects.  I am pleased with the taste and with the buzz achieved with this.

It’s likely to be good for pain, anxiety and it is an enjoyable head high as well.  This is some heavy indica shatter with profound effects, so don’t drive for a while.  I estimate the duration of the effects to be about three hours.  Less if you eat I expect.  I found I was able to perform my webmastering duties under the effects, but did not want to go out or try to drive or be responsible LOL.

blue god shatter by dabble extracts

blue god shatter

The shatter regularly sells for $20 a gram.  This is the price around Colorado Springs generally.  Since I now have access to the same quality cannabis at a lower price, I’ll try to review some of Emerald City’s bud and see how it compares with Best Budz.


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