Dancing with the Stars’ Anna Willcox has tried almost everything to stop her chronic headaches, except medicinal cannabisPosted by On

Being a former professional skier, Anna Willcox isn’t afraid of a small knock or some bruising.

But her chronic migraines and headaches, which have plagued her for her entire life, still drive her to tears.

Willcox, a sports reporter and former Dancing with the Stars competitor, has never before talked publicly about her condition. In fact, day to day she says she tries to ignore it. Talking about it means the pain is winning.

Speaking publicly for the first time about her chronic illness, Willcox pleads for the lawmakers to increase access to medicinal cannabis because she says nothing else is working.

The Government is currently working on regulations around the use and prescription of medicinal cannabis. In very limited circumstances, some doctors can prescribe cannabis-based medicines. Minister of Health David Clark is working with the medical profession to widen access to cannabidiol drugs.

Sports reporter Anna Willcox is calling for wider access to medicinal cannabis.


Sports reporter Anna Willcox is calling for wider access to…

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