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A smash and grab has taken place in a shop near the Skytower at 4pm this afternoon. Video / Supplied

Another daylight robbery has taken place in Auckland, with brazen thieves using hammers and stick-like objects to smash and grab multiple designer items.

Shattered glass surrounded the entrance of Gold House, a pawn shop on Victoria St West in the Auckland CBD opposite SkyCity. A witness to the attack said five offenders descended on the store this afternoon.

“They used hammers and long stick-looking things, they smashed the counters and door to try to get designer bags,” the witness reported.

They said the robbers got away with armfuls of designer items, including Louis Vuitton designer bags before fleeing the scene in a black hatchback.

One of the masked offenders was photographed leaving the store by a member of the public wearing a black tracksuit and carrying items in a red shopping bag.

One of the masked offenders fleeing the scene of the Gold House robbery in Auckland's CBD. Photo / Supplied.
One of the masked offenders fleeing the scene of the Gold House robbery in Auckland’s CBD. Photo / Supplied.

Another witness, Kylie Gray, saw the group of offenders get out of a vehicle and yell gang-affiliated slang like “yoza” before smashing the windows of the store with weapons.

“They started to quickly take items, it was all over within a minute or two,” Gray recounted.

“Before they got in the car and took off, they all stood around the car yelling yoza.”

She also said onlookers were a mixture of frightened and confused, no one tried to interfere with the offender’s activities.

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