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MyMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MYMD announced that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has conducted a scientific review and determined that investigational cannabinoid Supera-CBD is not currently considered a controlled substance or listed chemical. The scientific review of the chemical structure of Supera-CBD was conducted in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act and its governing regulations.

“Currently, all FDA-approved cannabinoid products are considered controlled substances, with the exception of Epidiolex, and although plant-derived CBD is unscheduled, its use by military and federal civilian employees currently is prohibited without a valid prescription. This decision by the DEA is tremendous news for Supera-CBD and we are very pleased that our product candidate will not require DEA scheduling during development,” stated Christopher Chapman, MD, president, director, and chief medical officer at MyMD Pharmaceuticals. “We look forward to studying Supera-CBD’s potential to improve upon the benefits of CBD while retaining its safety and tolerability without intoxicating effects.”

According to the company Supera-CBD is a synthetic, non-toxic CBD analog that is an 8000-times more potent CB2 agonist than plant-based CBD. In addition to its potential role in managing addiction, anxiety, chronic pain and seizures, Supera-CBD has also been shown in preclinical studies to have anti-inflammatory effects. Supera-CBD is a synthetic analog of CBD whose…

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