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Recently I came into a spider mite issue in one of my grow tents. Spider mites are one hell of a pest to contend with anyone that has dealt with them knows.


Spider Mites if left uncontrolled can ruin entire crops as well as future crops if not properly taken care of. The problem with spider mites is that they become immune very quickly to pesticides and become super mites that can be almost impossible to kill. You know your dealing with some super mites when they have earned their two spots


1 of my 3 plants I had to trash. I didnt realize how bad the problem was until I found a disturbing amount of thick webs covering the lower buds. The other 2 seemed to be okay. They did have a few infected area where they were eating the leaves (You can tell this by tiny yellow spots) but I did not find any webs.



Normally I like to use Diatomaceous Earth to control pests. It is a organic powder that is razor sharp on a microscopic level. But 4 weeks into flower I didnt want the powder in my buds. The Diatomaceous Earth is best for the top of your soil and around your grow area. I also didnt want to use any harmful pesticides that could taint the quality of the harvest. I considered scrapping the remaining plants and fogging the whole grow area and starting over again. This wasnt ideal as it would create a gap between my current supply and when the new supply would be ready.


After talking with a sales associate at the local grow shop the the guy suggested Mighty Wash. He told me that it was safe to use on flowering plants all the way up until harvest. Also said I could use it on the inside of the grow tent surfaces to clean the area. Mighty Wash promises to kill all stages of spider mites including eggs. The product is around 99% water and 1% other ingredients, So I was a little skeptical that it would work. I decided to buy a gallon of it and give it a try. I also bought some Dr Doom fogger to hit the entire basement of my house.

I added the Mighty Wash solution to a spray bottle (do not dilute) and applied it to my remaining two plants. I sprayed the entire plants down top side and bottom side of all the leaves and sprayed the main stem down. I wanted to go nuclear and make sure I got them all so the entire plants were treated not just infected areas. I also sprayed the entire surface of the grow tent from top to bottom.

After about two days I bought a microscope and started inspecting my plants. I was amazed. There was no sign of any living spider mites. You would see dead mites basically split into two. After about an hour of inspecting each plant very thoroughly I couldn’t find any living mites anywhere.

I will keep Mighty Wash on hand and make sure I never run out.  The plants did have a particular shine to them after treatment. I assume its from the canola oil that is in the solution. Odd shine or not the plants appear to be mite free and I couldn’t be happier. I will keep a close eye on the plants for their remaining 4-5 weeks of flower and treat as needed.



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