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Dear Texas Lawmakers, Stop Spelling Marijuana With an H

A promotional poster for the 1936 propaganda film Reefer Madness, in which smoking joints causes people to play raucous piano and then become murderers, describes two lead characters as “Youthful marihuana victims.” The goofy tagline is likely the only instance in which anyone under the age of 90 has seen the spelling M-A-R-I-H-U-A-N-A – unless, that is, they’ve read Texas’ lawbooks. The state statutes concerning marijuana repeatedly spell the flowering top of the cannabis plant with an “H” instead of a “J.”

The word “marijuana” holds an obscure etymology, alternatively posited as originating from a Chinese term for hemp flowers, “ma ren hua”; a Spanish spelling of the herb marjoram, “mejorana”; or an old Chilean word, “mariguanza,” related to shamanism, among others. Calling buds…

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