DeSoto City Council examines local marijuana enforcement policyPosted by On

By David Wilfong
NDG Contributing Writer

The use of marijuana and related products such as CBD has received a lot of attention in recent years. In some states, the local government has legalized cannabis altogether, though it remains a violation under existing federal law. Another related issue is the disparity between the treatment of different individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the statute, depending on where they live … and what they look like.

This enforcement was the subject of a special session of the DeSoto City Council held online on Aug.17.

The issue was brought forward by Councilmember Candice Quarles, who emphasized the disproportionate impact low-level marijuana arrests have on people of color, and how it follows them through life when dealing with issues like housing, Pell grants and employment. Quarles had invited Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot to speak at the meeting. She said Creuzot had made policy changes at the county level, and…

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