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Marijuana-infused edibles or medibles have increased immensely over the last 10 years. With products such as brownies, gummy bears, and chocolate infused with marijuana, it is more important now than ever to test these cannabis-related products.  

In this interview, Dr. Carl Wolf talks to News-Medical Life Sciences about his work and research into determining cannabinoids in marijuana-infused edibles.

In the last decade, cannabinoid use in the US has increased tremendously. Marijuana-infused products are one of the cannabis products that have seen the biggest increase. Can you explain why?

Marijuana for a long time has been considered to have medicinal properties and people are looking at that going, “Can I fix my issue with it?” I think we’re always looking for something new that’s better. People say it’s organic. I say there are lots of things that are organic and we shouldn’t be eating or taking them into ourselves.

The real push now is that as the US population gets older, we have more ailments and we’re under the philosophy that there should be something out there that can fix us.

We’re looking for more ways to reduce pain, to make ourselves feel better, and to get ourselves back to the way we felt 20 or 30 years ago.

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Cannabis-infused food products or medibles are sold for medicinal and recreational activities. They contain the psychoactive drug…

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