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Diagonal strain 500 mg vape cartridge by Neos

Hello, this vape cartridge by Neos (htt://liveneos.com) is available at Colorado dispensaries at least.  There is a page which you can put in your zip code and find the nearest supplier.  On the medical side, it retails for $36 and is a 500 mg cartridge of the Diagonal Strain, packaged in a child-proof container inside of a cardboard box (yeah, a little overkill to keep children safe).  The potency is 35.4% thc.  This is higher thc than what I smoke regularly, which is in the 15-25% range.  The cartridge comes with the standard 510 thread to fit my battery.

The oil in the cartridge is clear and dark in color, and it vapes as a smooth experience, with a little coughing if you over-do and inhale too much.  Three or four puffs was needed to feel the effects which was a euphoria and pain relief generally.  The oil does not have a distinctive taste when vaped.  I am able to enjoy a few puffs throughout the day this way without burning my usual pipe.

I imagine at my level of vaping frequency that the cartridge will last 3-4 days.  Could be longer if you don’t vape that often.

Despite the rumors of the internet regarding this brand, the cartridge does not leak and is secure when screwed in to your battery.  The child proof packaging was difficult to open.  I found the quality of the vape to be good and smooth and will purchase another one in future, when they are on sale.  I think $36 is high for a 500 mg cartridge, but take 20% off and it’s more reasonable.

Happy vaping!

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