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In the beginning, there were only a few CBD products available in the market such as pills, oils, and tinctures. But now the situation has changed. Presently, there are a wide variety of CBD products including edibles like gummies, chocolates, etc. One of the most common products made of CBD are CBD vape juice. However, it has also become a constant topic of discussion among CBD users. The main query of most of the people is about the fuel used in vape pens. Most of them are claiming that it is normal CBD oil, but it is not. The difference between CBD vape juiceand CBD oil are as follows.

The main difference between CBD oil and vape juice is in the base solution used in making these items. Vape juice is made as a fuel for vape pens and other vaping devices. Its function is to avail users CBD in vapor form for inhalation. When the CBD vape pen is turned on, a small knob inside it will get heated and it will convert the vape juice into gas. Therefore, for easy conversion, vape juices are made with water as the base solution.

CBD oils are primarily used for oral consumption. It is also sometimes used as an ingredient in making some other CBD products like edibles and pills. The main purpose of CBD oil is to give faster effect when it is consumed orally. Sometimes, it may also have to act as topical products. Therefore, for better absorption into the skin and also for easy…

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