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Dear Stoner: My in-law was raving about her CBD massage and how relaxing it was. She exaggerates and one-ups everyone, though, so I’m skeptical about how effective they are.

Dear Meh: The now-fading CBD world has given us plenty of things to be wary of, but at least CBD massages have some therapeutic potential — more than CBD-infused hot dogs or bed sheets, anyway. Massages are all about relieving tension, tightness and pain, and treating those ailments is CBD’s calling card.

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Should cannabis oil become part of your massage routine?

Research into CBD gels and oils has shown promising results in treating joint swelling and pain, as well as skin conditions and inflammation in specifically applied areas. While there are still a lot of shady products and service providers out there, a CBD massage offers a relatively safe and effective way to juice up your CBD routine or learn more about the cannabinoid. A one-hour massage typically costs over $100, so what’s an extra $20 for adding CBD to the mix? Some massage therapists will even use oils you provide from home, and they won’t shy away from cannabis extractions. Bring your own CBD, THC or CBG oils (find them at the dispensary) and ask your massage therapist to use them — then ask that annoying in-law how she likes them apples.

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