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does cannabis go bad

Does cannabis go bad? How do we classify “bad” as weed will never spoil but it will loose it’s potency. If stored properly, cannabis and its potency can last a really long time. Cannabis flowers are similar to any dried herb, with time they will lose their oil content. Which means they longer is sits around the oxidation will break down the plants kick.

When you purchase marijuana there is a slight moisture content to the buds. Properly dried marijuana must be kept away from light and heat. Depending on how you decide to store your stash will determine the shelf life for getting that maximum buzz.

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Plastic bags, ziploc bags increase the chance that your cannabis will dry out and will give off harsh smoke.

If you store cannabis in a damp area such as a bathroom cupboard, fridge or freezer you risk it picking up moisture and eventually creating mold.

Your best bet is an air tight glass jar at room temperature. It will keep the right air/moisture balance and prolong the effectiveness of the cannabis, thus increasing the shelf life. You must properly dry it our first to lower some of the moisture content in order to avoid mold growth. You can then place it in an air tight jar away from light and heat.

There are claims that the mold can turn into a dangerous pathogen. This mold may contain a spore called aspergillus, which produces toxins that can cause liver cancer.

If you notice too much moister, mold or cannabis that just doesn’t smell right, don’t chance it throw it out. When stored properly the difference you will notice with your stash is the aromatic smell will decrease as the weed ages.

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cannabisdoes cannabis go bad

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