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Does CBD Give Munchies

What effects does CBD have on hunger? Can CBD give you the munchies? Smoking cannabis or consuming edibles does usually give users the munchies, but does CBD have the same effect? Research has shown its potential in treating pain, nausea, anxiety and depression without making users high. CBD, cannabidiol has been proven to even treat some forms of epilepsy.

Cannabis (THC) and the munchies

Marijuana’s munchies effect is caused by the psychoactive component of cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and its interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the brain mainly the CB1 receptor. Users tend to eat more food after consuming weed as their smell and taste perception becomes more intense.

Cannabis is used for treating people with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy treatment. Marijuana is used to treat their nausea as well as to stimulate their appetite in the short-term. This treatment improves the flavor of food, which with the treatment makes it taste bland. As well as in helping them consume more calories, by giving them the munchies.

CBD does not cause the munchies

Research studies and most experts agree that CBD, does not cause the munchies. CBD boosts your appetite much differently than how THC does. When CBD is added to food and beverages it helps relieve nausea, it will calm your nerves and help your digestive system. CBD does not bind to the cannabinoid receptor CB1 very well compared to THC which produces its appetite stimulating effect.

CBD products such as tinctures, capsules or creams do not stimulate your appetite. Researchers have found that CBD increase the burning of fat cells within the body, and helps the body metabolize food efficiently.

CBD works naturally

Loss of appetite occurs due to medical, physiological or from medication. Physical conditions that decrease appetite include cancer, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. Psychological conditions include chronic stress, and anxiety by affecting both the brains receptors and the digestive system.

Patients being treated with CBD experience a calming of their nervous system, improved mood, with less stress and anxiety. This CBD induced state of mind increases hunger naturally, this means an increase in appetite without the cravings. In turn this allows patients to enjoy food, and relieve nausea. In closing CBD can be used to help improve your metabolism, burning calories, and increasing your appetite.


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