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CBD has taken the world by storm. What started as an obscure cannabis compound has blossomed into a global hemp industry, led by CBD as its poster child and primary component.

Plenty of fads have temporarily received undeserved popularity, though, before fading back into obscurity. As you seek out the best CBD oil to buy in 2023, who’s to say the same won’t be the case with CBD?

Thankfully, there’s a considerable amount of data that backs up the therapeutic efficacy of CBD. In short, studies say it works, and in this guide, we’ll cover a few of those studies.

What Is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is an abundant, non-intoxicating cannabinoid widely found in hemp. Usually only found in concentrations under 5% in the wild, certain strains of hemp have now been bred to contain as much as 15, 20, or even 25% CBD.

Unlike THC, the most famous compound in Cannabis sativa, CBD does not have intoxicating properties. No matter how much of it you use, you will not get high.

CBD proves that cannabis can be beneficial and non-intoxicating at the same time. In addition to being approved as a medication for epilepsy, CBD has also been shown to have promise for sleep, depression, anxiety and other conditions in clinical studies.

What Does CBD Do?
CBD gently interacts with a few different systems in your body, none of which are related to your conventional cannabinoid receptors. Scientists have uncovered that the reason CBD doesn’t get you high is that it doesn’t activate your CB1…

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