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Here in Montana, we are granted the right to vote on ballot initiatives once they clear a number of hurdles, including having the related petition garner enough qualifying signatures. Not achieved, however, is the ability to hold public hearings on the proposed issue — such as is accomplished during legislative debate, fiscal review and the amendment process.

Nov. 3, we will be voting on CI-118 which would legalize marijuana here in Montana. Aside from what the proponents and opponents argue in the press about public health and safety, and costs and revenues, there’s another angle to consider: what are the environmental ramifications?

The last 23-plus years in my career has focused on improving water and sewer infrastructure for rural Montana. Treatment technology has been modernized and improved during this time, partly in response to increasing regulatory standards, and this continues. Last week, I saw a notice for an upcoming webinar, “Cannabis Wastewater Treatment Best…

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