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Driving After Taking CBD

CBD products are becoming more and more popular for their medicinal value. Even though CBD products are not intoxicating they can still produce some possible side effects that you should be aware and watch for. CBD products that have less than 0.3% THC are not intoxicating. Legal use CBD is one that contains not more than 0.3% THC. Driving after taking CBD is legal and will not impact your driving because there are no psychoactive effects to get you high.

Marijuana CBD or Hemp CBD

Marijuana contains a variety of chemicals called Cannabinoids, two of which are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis is rich in THC and is grown for its psychoactive effects, it is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. THC is found in all cannabis plants with varying levels of THC content depending on the strain.

Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that is primarily used for industrial purposes. Referred also as Industrial hemp it is grown for the production of paper, clothing building material oils and more. Hemp is also used to produce CBD, it has considerable lower levels of THC about 0.3% and is non psychoactive. This makes it very popular for the production of a large variety of THC-free CBD products.

So what is the difference between Hemp or Marijuana CBD products?

Hemp and some marijuana strains can produce high amounts of CBD, however marijuana plants produce a much higher level of THC. Hemp plants rarely contain more than 0.3% of THC where as marijuana plants can contain up to 30% THC.

Whether CBD has been produced from hemp or marijuana the molecular structure is the same, CBD is CBD no matter where it was derived from.

Using CBD & Driving

CBD is effective for pain relief and anxiety, it changes the condition of the users CB1 receptors in the peripheral nervous system by increasing relaxation and decreasing excitability. CBD will not impair the ability to drive a vehicle for most users. Although some users may experience side effects from cannabinoid that might lower their driving ability.

Make sure you look into the ingredients of the CBD that you will be using. There are many CBD manufacturers that make increased fraudulent claims and do not list the entire (chemical ) breakdown of their products. You might be consuming CBD with over 0.3% THC, or even more potent chemicals without realizing it.

Reported CBD Side Effects

There are some reported CBD side effects, research still remains to be done in order to have a more scientific report. CBD has a calming effect taking large dosages can make you feel drowsy, tired and sluggish. This is turn can make your ability to react quickly considerably slower or even cause you to, fall asleep behind the wheel. Some users also report a drop in low blood pressure, feeling lightheaded and some experience drowsiness. It is best to gradually get accustomed to how CBD affects you. Step by step increasing your dosage that allows you to maximize it’s effects until your find the right amount for your body.

Gradual increasing levels and taking the time to evaluate how you feel as you increase your dosage intake over time. Taking a too large a dosage will most probably calm you to the point of not being able to function. While too small a dosage will stimulate you and will increase your mood. Dosages that work for someone else might not necessarily work for you.

Once you have figured the right dosage amount for yourself getting behind the wheel should not be a worry.

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