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THE push to roll back prohibitions on marijuana has gained the backing of Mackay residents.

On Thursday, the Daily Mercury asked its readers if they would support Queensland legalising marijuana, and the overwhelming response was “yes”.

Many readers suggested a regulated approach to decriminalisation and legalisation, similar to the limits on alcohol use.

“Cigarettes, and alcohol are legal so why not?,” Michelle Boles asked.

Residents like Tristin Walker said the approach would allow resources to be directed to more pressing dangers.

“Then cops can focus more time and energy on the more problem – drugs that actually do damage like ice (and) meth as that’s the drug that causes crime,” Mr Walker said.

Some residents suggested the state could smoke itself out of a deficit, with the drug being taxed for government revenues.

“Especially if they tax it like tobacco products,” Elaine Patterson said.

But some were concerned legalising marijuana would only worsen the…

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