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Drying and curing cannabis

Typically, drying and curing cannabis begins immediately after your plant has been cut off. Drying and curing cannabis is the method by which moisture is removed from your buds to produce an incredible result. At harvest time, cannabis cultivation requires one more important step. It is important to properly dry and cure your cannabis. This will avoid contamination which can produce mold and ruin all your hard work. These processes will also lead to better tasting buds and an increased high effect.

Trimming Process

The drying method starts when your crops are cut and the buds are trimmed. You will notice that the new cut flowers are sticky and damp. This is a long process requiring patience and should not be hurried.

Before they are dried, it is advisable that you trim your marijuana plant. A wet trim allows the separation of the leaves from the buds and yields better-looking buds. This is known as a “wet trim.” Leaving the marijuana to dry and then trimming the plant is refereed to as a “dry trim”.

Wet Trimming

Many growers recommend that the leaves be removed right after the plant is harvested. This technique, is great for beginners, it’s simpler and more practical. Fresh leaves make the process of removing the leaf stems from the bud, a lot easier. Drying and curing cannabis should not be intimidating for the beginner its easier than it seems.

During the drying phase, most mold grows between the stalk and the bud. By removing the buds from the stalk you eliminate the likelihood of your marijuana developing mold.

With this technique your buds will have the chance to puff up. Producing a more beautifully visually appealing attractive bud.

Dry Trimming

This is a more caring technique that is supported by many growers. Although dry trimming is definitely less efficient, in some ways it’s claimed that as more efficient. The main reason the majority of growers prefer dry trimming is they do not want their buds to dry out too quickly. With this process smoking is more enjoyable and allows the buds to dry naturally.

Use a cord to hang your buds giving them room for air to circulate. Allow your buds to slowly dry for about five to seven days. If you have high humidity you can use a fan but do not blow the hot air directly at the buds. Your buds will be healthier with this slow drying method.

Dry trimming makes it more difficult from removing many of your dried sugar leaves that are clinging to the buds. They will remain in place unless you spend a lot of time removing them. 

Drying Time

Drying and curing time relies on proper climate control method and the amount of product you need to dry. That said, it should take an average of 7 to 15 days, depending on the strain as some strains require several more days.

The ideal environment for the drying and treatment method must be controlled as much as possible. Keep the room dark first by using minimal to no light. Make sure that the temperature stays between 18 and 21°c which is cooler than the average room temperature. At approximately the 21°c or higher, Terpenes begin to evaporate, reducing flavor and strength.

Check your buds daily or every other day. Test your cannabis after several days checking the large and small stems. When you bend a small stem and it snaps in half cleanly your cannabis is ready. The larger stems might still have some moisture but will still bend slightly.

Drying and exposing the buds to elevated temperatures can greatly decrease the quality of the buds and lead to a very terrible and unpleasant high.

Final Step Storing

You have reached the final step of drying and curing cannabis. Using jars for storing your hard earned buds gives you the best controlled environment. Use jars that are 25% larger than what you need .This way you can visible see any changes and your buds will air naturally inside the jar.

After placing your buds in the jar your job is not over yet. In order to cure 100% you need to check on your buds daily. Opening the jar on a daily bases allows for fresh air to be exchanged with the stale air inside. Look for signs of mold or mildew on each bud when opening the jar. Remove affected buds from the jars if any mold is noticeable to avoid its spread.

If you discover that your buds seem to be slightly moist inside the jar – leave the top slightly open for a day or two. Once your cannabis has completely dried, the danger of mold is greatly diminished. It can be stored in a closed jar for many months in a dark cool place.

Enjoy Happy Times……

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