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To be a part of this exciting new promotion, text WIN to 4266 from your registered mobile number. If you are an individual customer, you need to deposit a minimum average of Dh50,000 as new funds during the promotion period in order to earn the interest rate. For SMEs, the minimum average deposit is Dh150,000 over the promotional period. All deposits must be retained until July 31 when the interest will be calculated on the average balance of new funds from March 1-May 31 and disbursed within 15 business days post the campaign completion period. Since the promotion starts on March 1, the balance in your account on February 29 is considered the base balance and you will have to maintain that too in order to earn interest on the new funds.

An average new balance of Dh50,000 in the account will entitle customers to one entry into the raffle draw, while new funds of Dh150,000 will entitle SMEs to one entry into the draw. The draw will take place on or before August 15 under the supervision of Dubai Economy and Tourism.

“CBD has always endeavoured to provide the best savings solutions for our customers’ evolving aspirations,” says Khaled Al Hammadi, General Manager of the Personal Banking Group at CBD.

“Hence, it gives me great pleasure to announce our latest and one-of-a-kind savings promotion, which will not only offer exceptional earnings to our customers but also provide them with an opportunity to win a mega cash prize and…

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Earn 6.8% interest on CBD accounts and stand a chance to win Dh1 million

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