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A 3.8-magnitude earthquake in the Melbourne suburb of Sunbury has struck at a depth of three kilometres, according to Geoscience Australia.

Melbourne residents reported buildings shaking on Sunday evening around 11:41pm.

Although Sunbury is 40 kilometres north-west of the city, the earthquake’s impact was felt in Melbourne’s CBD.

The tremor lasted only a few seconds, according to residents.

More than 20,000 people in Sunbury had reported feeling the earthquake to Geoscience Australia by around 1:30am.

The tremor was also felt as far north as Bendigo and as south as Hobart.

There were no immediate reports of widespread damage or injuries, and no tsunami threat.

Adam Pascale, chief scientist at the Seismology Research Centre (SRC), said the magnitude-4 earthquake was located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, around the Craigieburn and Greenvale area.

He took to Twitter during the tremor, saying that it may have been the largest earthquake in over 100 years within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

“The last earthquake above a magnitude 4 in the metro area was in 1902,” Mr Pascale said in a video posted on Twitter.

Although it was shallow, there could potentially be damage near the epicentre, he added.

Dee Ninis from the SRC said people…

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