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Can rats eat 500 kg of marijuana? That’s a question a lot of people have been wondering since Mathura Police, rather infamously, claimed the same in court. The court was baffled too, just like you and me.

Shubham Singh, who works with a pest control company, tells dailyO

“I don’t think it is possible for rats to eat that amount of marijuana.”

Shubham has been working in research and training since 2013. He claims that not even 100 rats can consume that much cannabis in a few days! 

What happened? It’s worse than Ratatouille and is happening in real life. Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura Police have blamed rats for ‘eating’ more than 581 kg of seized marijuana. 

The marijuana, seized last month, was stored in warehouses of the Highway and Shergarh police stations, and was later to be produced in court. 

The haul was worth Rs 60 lakh. Mathura Police told the court that it was all eaten by rats, and some of the remaining marijuana was destroyed by the officers. 

Being small in size, the rats have no fear of the police, nor can the police officers be considered experts in solving the problem. 

– Mathura Police, according to ANI.

However, Shubham also says, “I cannot totally deny the possibility that rats cannot eat 500 kg of weed; even though it can only happen in the rarest of rare conditions and is very highly unlikely.” 

Not the first time: In 2020, at the same Shergarh police station, cops arrested three men with 386 kg of weed hidden in a truck. During the hearing in court, the…

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