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There are many people that need the medical benefits of marijuana but simply don’t like the idea of smoking or vaping. Then there are the others that like to smoke it, vape it, and bake it. Edible cannabis foods are becoming very popular. In Canada where legalization will be nation wide very shortly and in many states where it is now legal.

The most popular edibles are the famous brownies, muffins, candies, hummus, tea, and cannabis oil or butter which can be added to endless recipes. Smoking marijuana and eating edibles have different effects on how they are absorbed in the body and to the type of high they give. Were going to explore what kind of high you get from eating edible cannabis and the effects it can have.

Edibles are more difficult to control

You will feel the effects of smoking or vaping within minutes of inhalation, peaking within 60 minutes and lasting between two to four hours. The delay between ingestion and the onset of the marijuana effects can take as long as one to two hours. Now I can get into the chemical and biological breakdown of what happens in your body, but i’ll leave that for another post.

A standard dose of THC is 10 milligrams when smoked or vaped. When edibles are concerned make sure you know the total milligram content of the confection, and break it down to the 10 milligrams per piece.

Don’t forget edibles will last longer than almost any other high. If you think you have taken too much and start feeling dizzy, or sick don’t panic. The most important thing is to be comfortable, lay down, try to breathe normally and ride through it. Remember it’s only temporary, if your discomforts become to intense have someone take you to an emergency room or call 911.

Start off slow and experiment

Getting high with edibles is far healthier for your lungs and body. Edibles eliminate the chemicals and carcinogens, as well as the bronchial irritants that smoking joints have. The ability to control the high, and the fact that it can taking up to two hours to feel the effects are the drawbacks to edible consumption.

If you have never used edibles before, we recommend you start out slowly taking small quantities start with 2mg size. Wait at least 2 hours and see the effects, relax and monitor your body. As you increase your snack size you will eventually be able to discover your right tolerance level. Remember your smoking tolerance doesn’t equal the same high tolerance for edibles.



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