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PORTLAND, Ore.–()–Luna Technologies, a Portland-based manufacturer of extraction equipment for the cannabis industry, announced the installation of its Oberon large-scale hydrocarbon, butane hash-oil (BHO) automated extraction machine at Eugene, Oregon-based Emerald Valley Processors, a vertically integrated cannabis grower, processor, and purveyor for the Oregon market.

Emerald Valley Processors selected the hydrocarbon extractor primarily for Oberon’s large capacity and automated operation to help meet the growing demand for its recreational cannabis products. The Oberon enables large-scale operators such as Emerald Valley to process more than 40 pounds of fresh-frozen cannabis flower per hour (or 30 pounds of dried cannabis flower), and the ability to conduct back-to-back runs with just 60 seconds of downtime in between. With the Oberon, Emerald Valley Processors is able to process more than 1,000 lbs. of fresh-frozen cannabis in 24 hours.

The system also utilizes programmable and customizable extraction recipes through the Luna Technologies proprietary recipe book, available at one’s fingertips through the built-in touchscreen and companion mobile software applications for iOS and Android devices.

“The capabilities of the Oberon, especially its ease of use and consistent production, sets this machine apart from other closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction machines we’ve tried,” said Josh Lippold, owner and operator of Emerald Valley Processing. “The Oberon requires less training time to operate, freeing up our production team to focus on other higher-value activities that are fueling our growth. Furthermore, the array of data this machine produces helps us continually refine our processes, giving Emerald Valley Processors an edge in our highly competitive market.”

“As interest in cannabis extracts and concentrates grows, leading companies like Emerald Valley Processors need greater capacity to keep pace, but at the same time, they must control production costs without sacrificing consistency and quality,” said Jack Naito, president of Luna Technologies. “The Oberon empowers processors to create larger quantities and more consistent extraction products in less time while also reducing labor hours.”

Fight Inflation Through Automation

According to a recent survey from CBD Oracle, 54 percent of cannabis users will buy less if inflation causes prices to rise. In response, cannabis organizations must find ways to reduce costs to blunt the effects of inflation to maintain margins, including through automation. For processors, this includes reducing costs at each stage of production while still maintaining the consistency and quality customers expect.

Improving Capacity, Efficiency, and Flexibility

Luna Technologies engineers designed the Oberon from the ground up for larger producers to achieve greater efficiency, capacity, and flexibility. Similar to the Luna Technology IO extractor, Oberon utilizes hydrocarbon solvent to separate and purify cannabis oil, but with a larger extraction vessel. The higher capacity thresholds also enable producers to conduct more efficient reruns and to more easily extract minor cannabinoids and terpenes, as desired.

In addition to end-to-end cannabis extraction, including accessory products for color remediation and pre-processing biomass, the Oberon features a highly efficient dual-chiller system developed by Luna Technologies to maintain precise solvent temperatures at all times. Precise temperatures are critical for maintaining quality and consistency at each stage of processing. The end result is improved production speed, quality, and volume, 24 hours a day.

To see the Oberon and the entire line of Luna Technologies extraction equipment and capabilities in person, please visit booth #8127 at MJBizCon, November 15-18, 2022, within the south hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About Luna Technologies:

Luna Technologies engineers state-of-the-art extraction equipment for cannabis processors. The meticulously designed, automated equipment empowers operators to process fresh-frozen or cured plant biomass with stress-tested hardware and built-in fail-safes to foster a superior level of workplace safety while also lowering labor costs. Luna’s Earth-conscious engineering approach helps decrease energy consumption while setting the industry standard for safety, quality, consistency, and customization in support of creating clean, consistent cannabis concentrates with medical and social benefits. Learn more at www.lunatechequipment.com.

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