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Have you ever vape THC ejuice?

E-juice vaping ? What is this?

Its going to be the ‘smoking’ alternative to burning the weed. Think of it as instead of smoking a cigarette for the nicotine satisfaction it gives you, you vape it with e-juice.


Same with THC E-juice, instead of buring it in a joint , you vape it. No this is not to be mistaken with weed vaporizers. Big difference. You vape with e-juice that not only gives you the THC and its effects but it Much better cleaner , safer intake than burning it!

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4 Comments on Have you ever vape THC ejuice?

martinwessley said : subscriber Report 4 months ago

I vape nicotine, have yet to try this, but would love too and have heard from others its awesome.

OfficerDickDowney said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Hi, Interesting product. I will be posting a review of such a product on my site in about a week. The strain of the vape oil is Corleone Kush.

detroit meds said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

2nd that

tokensam said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

I love vaping! Started and havent stopped!

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