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CBD isn’t new. From serums to tinctures to salves, the cannabis-derived ingredient has been around for a hot minute and has even given way to categories like Delta-8 everything. Gummies, in particular, continue to be among the most popular CBD goods, but I’m probably not alone in thinking that most of them don’t exactly crush it in terms of taste? For a variety of reasons, I’m aware that the general public isn’t popping CBD gummies as they would Sour Patch Kids. However, if gummies are being chosen over, say, a CBD gel capsule or plain tincture, I personally want a little flavor action — in addition to them, you know, actually doing something. “Doing something” and “not tasting awful” sound like a low bar, but in the murky world of CBD, that can often be elusive. While it has been touted for its calming, “weed-lite” properties, the truth is this: As long as dietary supplements continue to exist independently from FDA approval, any and all claims you see on packaging should be taken with a large grain of salt. My personal philosophy with CBD: Don’t go into it expecting it to cure your anxiety (or give you a body high), and take any and all benefits at face value. 

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