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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – In November of 2022, Governor Beshear signed an executive order that could pardon Kentuckians in possession of medical marijuana.
On Sunday, January 1st, that order took effect.

“Legal medical marijuana in Kentucky does not exist. This executive order simply protects people if they get pulled over or they get prosecuted because they have marijuana in their possession” said the Owner of KY CBD Farmacy and medical marijuana activist, Robert Matheny.

For Kentuckians to be pardoned, specific requirements must be met.
Those requirements include written proof from a doctor that the person has been diagnosed with one of 21 qualifying medical conditions, the amount must not exceed 8 ounces, and there must be written proof of purchase from another state, among other requirements which can be found in the Executive order here.

“My personal opinion is they need to open it up even further. Because all cannabis is medicine at some point, it’s used to relax it’s used to take out inflammation it’s used as a medicine but it’s restricted as a dangerous thing, and it’s not” added Matheny.

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Matheny is also a board member of the Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition.
He says this executive order is a step in the right direction.
However, he says it’s important Kentuckians fully understand what the order entails because it can get complicated.

“It puts our Kentucky citizens in a gray area, it protects from possession of…

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