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FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) — On Tuesday, Missouri voters will decide whether to allow legal sales of cannabis to anyone over the age of 21. The most significant piece of what’s on the ballot as Amendment 2 might not be what becomes legal after it goes into effect but what it does looking back at previous cannabis-related convictions.

KCTV5′s two political analysts – one left-leaning, the other on the right — remarked on just that during our election special today.

“The expungements I think are significant,” said Sly James, former Kansas City mayor turned political consultant.

“The expungements are a part of this that aren’t getting enough attention. That is a big deal,” said conservative talk show host Pete Mundo.

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Other states allow for expungement, but it’s something that has to be initiated by the person previously convicted.

“You have to file a petition and initiate legal proceedings,” explained cannabis lawyer Drew Goodwin with Joseph, Hollander & Craft, LLC. “For a lot of people that requires a lawyer and lawyers require money and you have these convictions that go unaddressed.”

If Amendment 2 passes, that expungement would be automatic with court fees paid by the tax revenue from the program. Exceptions include violent offenders and convictions for distribution to a minor or driving under the influence.

Polls show a majority of the Missouri electorate in favor of the amendment. James and Mundo talked about the changing perception behind that, as well as…

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