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Zach Williams is a popular, award-winning Christian singer and musician. His songs have topped the charts in recent years. Three of his hits are “Chain Breaker”, “Old Church Choir” and “There Was Jesus” (the last one he sings with Dolly Parton). He has also won two Grammys and three Dove awards.

So, what does this success story have to do with marijuana, music and Jesus? William’s autobiography comes out this Tuesday (February 27) and gives the answer. It’s called Rescue Story: Faith, Freedom, and Finding My Way Home. Here’s a quick preview…

The prodigal son

Williams was born in 1978 into a Christian home in Florida. The family moved to Arkansas where his mother sang in church and his father was a worship leader. Although he heard about God as a boy, his faith didn’t take root. As he got older, he lost interest and would hide in the church restroom until the service ended.

Just like Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son (see Luke chapter 15), Williams left his family and faith behind. He recalls, “When I turned 18, I ran as far and as fast as I could from that for a number of years.” He joined the party crowd and got hooked on marijuana. “I was one of those guys that for about seven, eight years of my life, didn’t go a day without smoking pot, and it’s just how I lived and functioned.” Williams also began to drink more heavily.

In 2007, he formed a Southern Rock band called “Zach Williams and the Reformation” (interesting…

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