FDA Official Says Agency Is ‘Actively’ Exploring CBD Regulations As It Continues To Monitor KratomPosted by On

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is “actively” exploring a potential regulatory framework for CBD, with plans to prioritize the issue in the next year, a top official says. Meanwhile, the agency is also investigating issues related to kratom.

FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Legislation, and International Affairs Kimberlee Trzeciak discussed the agency’s cannabis and kratom interests during a webinar hosted by the Alliance for a Strong FDA this month.

Asked about issues that are “top of mind” for the agency in 2024 and where officials hope to engage with Congress, Trzeciak said that later this year or next year FDA wants to address setting up “an appropriate regulatory framework for CBD.”

Later in the conversation, the FDA official was asked specifically about how the agency is “prioritizing” its work on cannabis and kratom regulations, and she said officials are taking a number of factors into consideration as they work to address the substances.

“In almost every neighborhood you go to, you can see stores on the corners that are marketing CBD and kratom and others,” she said. “And one of the things that we have been thinking through here at FDA, using CBD as an example, is what does the regulatory framework for those products look like?”

“Based on what we know about CBD in particular, we do not think that those products would be able to meet the safety standards that we have in place for foods and dietary supplements today,” she…

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